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May 28 2024

Mentor crush

I thought it might be better to clarify what this mentor crush is before you label me as naughty and whatnot. I’ve already enough self-made labels, I don’t need yours too, thank you very much.

It is an intellectual crush. These crushes tend to be very knowledgeable speakers of very specific fields that are able to deliver complex information in a charming and clear way. The speakers tend to have an authoritative aura, while being friendly and approachable. Phlegmatic in a way.

Now, due to bias probably linked to internalised patriarchy, they have tended to be cis men with deep voices so far. Who I could also potentially find attractive.

However, as I said, it is an intellectual crush. Hence, although I define my sexuality as queer, I have no intention in the near or far future to be with a cis man. Probably never. So, don’t worry if you ever get a mentor crush mention. As I said, it’s just an intellectual thing.

Thank you for listening.