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  1. Planting a seed

    Is this now a garden?

  2. What is life?

    Brief story of a junior dev career changer who spends loads of time on YouTube.

  3. Do we still read books?

    A nerdy techy personal reading list.

  4. Mentor crush

    Clarification needed to prevent bigots ambush.

  5. Transferrable skills

    One of the many things we're still trying to undestand if recruiters care about or not.

  6. Don't trust me

    Just don't.

  7. Reasonable adjustments

    I will let you know that I'm very sad because I'm still unemployed. But also that I'm the Sun. It's a wild ride.

  8. When things went wrong

    Two not fun experiences I lived while navigating the tech world before entering the tech world.

  9. Transitioning into tech while technically transitioning

    My first blog post. About why I did want a blog in the first place and what is the deal with the Matrix rain background.