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May 28 2024

What is life?

Short answer: There is no short answer.
Long answer: I guess you might as well start by reading this.


I started binge watching the Sandpond Saga from its very first episode. It is a beautiful thing created by an amazing coder. But we’re not here to talk about this. We’re here to talk about another video mentioned and linked in this episode number one. A video by Dave Ackley about Artificial Life.

He’s cool. Wise. Stunning demoing skills. He made loads of some people rethink about the way we code through his studies. He’s my latest mentor crush. And you should just watch all his video if you haven’t yet. They aren’t many. For my binge-watching standards, that is.

Anyhow, artificial life we were saying.


I’ve recently had a nice introduction to p5.js thanks to MadLab. Yes, I could’ve just as easily learnt it by myself in a couple of days, but why doing that when I could do it with a group of people over three weeks instead? Aquarius reigns.

And so I thought of building a simple AL to show to my lovely blog readers. Yes, you’re one of them, and you’re lovely!

As it runs, it could slow down your connection. Stop it accordingly. You can find the code here.

This is nothing, just a little silly thing, but it made me think:

  • There is so much more to JavaScript than e-commerce;
  • There is so much more to programming/coding (pick your fighter) than just sending HTTP requests to ChatGPT;
  • Creation and innovation don’t really happen in the tech bubble, but somewhere else, as per usual;
  • I still need a job and this is not helping.


It all started with Dave Ackley and Lu Wilson, but then you just keep looking and there seems to be so much food for brain out there.

Yes, I love building my media tracker because I’m a nerd. However, for the same reason, I know I will find even more satisfaction in creating my own language to communicate to my own quirky engine. Oh, this without even touching on the plans regarding building an OS.

It’s a lot, but I’m not planning to die anytime soon, so, I think I can do it.

I will probably start from buying some nerdy book. They help with making you feel smart, don’t they?