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Jun 07 2024

Planting a seed

I recently read an inspiring and hopeful article about the many ways of making the Web3 an amazing place to be. The article offered related links that discussed some of these ways. One of those links explained, in the clearest possible way, what Digital Gardening is.
I learnt that, not only I found the idea compelling and resonating with me, but some of the blogs I follow and like the most were actually digital gardens (or something along those lines). And so I decided to start my own by telling you about a seed I’ve planted already.

Wait a second…

So, am i just renaming this blog a garden instead? Maybe. Or, maybe, I will change also the way I relate to it and the things I write in it. I guess we shall see.

A seed from the past

I love to learn. And I also like to build, to create.
I’m coming from an industry in which learning something new meant to literally make something new, and that’s the approach I brought with me.

I also like novelty. And whatever is fresh. And cute mascots. Thus, me gravitating towards people that are always discovering new tools or discussing arguments so niche they will always feel new.

So, it was no surprise I was amused by someone talking about the BETH Stack. Or creating it more like. And, as anything in tech, especially when it’s new tech, it worked on his machine.
It did work on mine too eventually, and, even though I will never use any of those tools ever again, I had fun. And, although it’s early stages, my plan of building a tarot API worked pretty well.

But that wasn’t enough.

I knew about Ruby, this zen language with a human-like syntax, and I saw they had a 20 minutes tutorial on their website. I love when they have their own tutorials. On top of that, it could be run via terminal. So simple.

(I later found out there was also an in-browser_ version, which I completed anyway.)

It wasn’t much, but I was hooked. So, I kept on learning and then I moved to Ruby on Rails and that blew my mind. It makes React and all of the other JS framework seems so basic. No one uses it though. I wanted to anyway. Hence, I thought of building a cute little nerdy app to link to my webspace.


At that point, I was on a roll.

I learnt Python for a job application and i loved it. And I get why the rest of the world does too. So, I thought of not just expanding my webspace, but also changing it. I was sick of it soon after I finished it. Although, I didn’t want to just change it. I was using it as an opportunity to, well, learn. And try new recipes. And Python meant re-building the blog using Django. And, on the side, creating another tarot API using FastAPI.

Uff! I’m planting a lot. Maybe I should stop?
No, babe, you can’t stop me.

There is also this very big beast I want to learn that is Rust. From my ignorant sit, it looks like it will be harder than those other languages. If anything, it will take longer. But I will use it as a culmination of this first planting phase. I will use the Yew framework to build a new landing page/portfolio for my webspace. Or maybe not.
After that, I will start looking into building an operative system with Rust and that will take the rest of my life.

Bonus seed will be learning Gleam and maybe build a small tarot reading app for my APIs?

Are you done?

Wait until I tell you about the coding side of things.

I feel like you’re cheating…

I probably am. Depending on when I will be posting this. I’m writing it down with the aim on going back and fill all the hyperlinks with the right URLs. As accountability towards myself. As a way to remind myself to tend to the garden. As a cheat to pretend my garden is bigger than it is.

Well, in any case, I like it.
At whatever stage it is right now.
It’s exciting. And it smells very nice.
Please, don’t step on the flowers. And water the herbs on your way out.